Clone Stamp Tool

Before                                                 After

To take away the trash can I had to use the Clone Stamp tool to copy a part of the image on the left and then paste it over the trash.As easy as it sounds,this was very difficult because the mouse had to be lined up with the point I selected.

Color Correction Images

After                                                              Before


While trying to make the image on the right less yellow we used something called the “Adjustment layer” to make a layer called curves that will make it so we can change the R.B.G. color values to look like the image on the left.we also changed the default setting of the layer so it will automatically change the image to change to your liking.

Character Animator Video 4

First click open characterizer,then click the create new capture button,you should see your face on the screen with a outline of an oval on your face,the audio meter should move up and down when you speak, and a voice over that is giving some instructions.For best results your face has to take up the inside of the oval,have it centered and be in a well lit room with nothing behind you,after everything is set you can press the start capture button,when you click the button a voice will say “Look at the camera lens, and make a neutral expression in 3..2..1..*Camera Click*, close your eyes in 3..2..1..*Camera Click*,open your eyes and smile in 3..2..1..*Camera Click*,frown in 3..2..1..*Camera Click*,make a surprised expression in 3..2..1..*Camera Click*,repeat after me….Adobe photo shop….light room….woohoo”(then you should say everything she says).

Then you’ll see 16 pictures of you in them,the first 5 are the expression pictures,the rest are mouth shapes that were taken automatically when the lady asked you to repeat those words.Click continue and it will bring up the finished screen and then load up the settings.With the setting up you should see a cut out of your face along with some other artist portfolios,if you click any of the thumbnails it will  render you face to the same art style of the painting.At the top of the screen next to the smaller image of your face there is a group of settings you can use to customize your face even more.The  “stylization”  slider will let you decide how detailed you face is, the further right it is the more details there are.By clicking the left and right arrows you can change which photo of your face you want changed.The next slider down is called Feature Exaggeration, you use this slide if you want to make your face look completely different, sliding too far to the left or right will make your face look like something from a cartoon (if the cartoon was trying to look semi-realistic).Note: if the head turns box is checked then you cannot use this slider.

The next one down is called “Cycles” will allow you to make your picture look a little more hand drawn,depending on which option you choose,but if you pick a higher option you may run into performance issues.The next two are called “Resolution and Quality” go hand and hand, these are various options you can change the sizing and quality of your picture.Selecting higher values will most likely take a while to render.If you check the head only box it will take out the background and just leave your head.The last one is called “Head turns”


Character Animator Video 3

There are two components that make a successful live animated character rig.

1. Having  simple controls.

2.Including a set of diverse expressions

Live streaming requires four parts.

1.Character Animator

2.A plugin to send your scene to other software

3.Streaming software that can take that scene and broadcast it out to the world

4. Destination (YouTube or Twitch)

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